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Name:Edward Kenway
Location:Space Canada oooo
Contrary to popular belief, I am not a drunkard.

Excuse me, I have a keel-hauling to conduct. *waggles eyebrows*

Interests (67):

"morale", a bottle of rum, adventure, alternate universes, arno's boy band jacket, arquebuses, assassins, banjos of earth, banjos of the empire, banjos of the tapani sector, being swooty, boats, booty i mean treasure, cannon, crows, dancing, darth yoda's assless chaps, exploring, freedom, generally booty, hello ninja, hey sailor, inappropriate behavior, jackdaws, killing cobra, killing templars, knives, making people uncomfortable, maps, my family, my granddaughter, my grandson, navigation, ninja life, not england, not templars, not the federation, not the old gods, other things, piracy, pirate life, revolution, sailing, scandalizing everyone, secular humanism, sev's treasure chest, ships, shooting people in the face, sith booty, stripper poles, stripping, swiggity-swooty, team edward obviously, thank you for the paper money, the caribbean, the creed, the guy with the treasure map, the kenway family banjo orchestra, the swoot, travels, trolling, trolling everyone, trolling ezio especially, trolling my family, trolling templars, who am i kidding-booty, yo ho ho
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